Why the world needs Livelap

People from all over the world are continuously sharing experiences to inspire others. We let you explore what is happening in the world and let you take part in live events others are experiencing right now. We want you to start the day being best informed on world events and topics of your interest. We want you go to sleep feeling enriched with new experiences.

For this reason, Livelap provides you a groundbreaking way to search and explore content being shared in the world right now. At Livelap the social crowd decides what is most valuable and entertaining at this very moment. The more frequent content is viewed, liked or shared, the more relevant it is. We show you what is trending in a very visual way as it is easy to understand, hence easy to explore.

Don’t waste any minute, even sitting on the couch with your computer or mobile device on your lap, you can be part of what’s happening in the world.

We are happy to bring the world live on your lap!


Livelap was founded in 2014 by Mark Wouters and Kjell van Milaan. After disappointing searches for “What is happening right now”, waiting until our friends posted something relevant and endlessly refreshing microblogging results, we thought it should be easier to see what is going on in the world. The idea for Livelap was born. After over a year of working on it in our spare time, we are now ready for the beta launch!

Mark Wouters — pixel precise information junky designing and delivering the product, with a background in content management. Chief Product/CTO at Livelap.

Kjell van Milaan — energetic and focused business manager pushing the team to the limit, with experience in various governance, risk & compliance roles. CEO (Chief-Everything-else-Officer) at Livelap.